The long, long, long history of the Adams family.

My father was long fascinated with tracing our family history, and I know that he spent countless hours, years even, researching both his mother’s history and his father’s, going all the way back to the 11th century England. Keep in mind, this was before the days of the Internet. He labored the old fashioned way… digging through dusty library books and public records.

 I have recently picked up where he left off, although I now have the distinct advantage of crowd-sourcing and online documentation. What I have found is nothing short of astounding! I have been able to trace our family line back 71 generations, dating back to the year 380 BC! There are spots where the dates become sketchy and anything older than 380 BC was clearly getting into the realm of mythology. But I was truly surprised by the extent of data available going back such a long way. I was surprised to find full dates of birth, marriage records, locations of birth and death, etc., sometimes as far back as the 3rd century AD. One thing that was most helpful in my search is the fact that many generations of my lineage traces through the royal family of a small kingdom known as East Anglia, one of twelve such smaller kingdoms that now make up the modern day United Kingdom. Since great importance was placed on inheritance and determining rightful heirs to the throne, I believe this is why extraordinarily complete records are available for this period of time. It’s nothing particularly unique to my family. Most of us could turn up royal bloodlines in our family history for the very same reason… these are the records that are best preserved. 

 I was also able to confirm, like probably most Americans of European descent, exactly who among my ancestors arrived on the Mayflower in 1620, and almost all of my ancestors can be traced back to Massachusetts, following the migration from England and Scotland. More recent history shows how my family made their way to Kentucky and Ohio, where I grew up. There are so many amazing stories, if I were to tell them all, I would have to write many volumes of books. There are major periods dating to the height of Greek society, the Viking invasions of lands that are now northern Europe (Germany, France and England), a long period of stability through the Medieval period that lasted nearly a millennium, and several generations affected by the American Revolution. Having delved so deeply into these many generations makes me feel as if these people are as much a part of my family as are the grandparents I grew up and talked with face to face.

 Below are some references of relevance to my family history, and below that is the complete lineage dating back to 380 BC.


is your 69th great grandfather
Vingethor of Troy (350 BC- )
Son of Einridi of Troy
Vingener Troy (320 BC - 280 BC)
Son of Vingethor of Troy
Moda King of Troy (300 BC - 180 BC)
Son of Vingener
Magi of King Troy (270 BC - )
Son of Moda King of Troy
Danus I Seskof of Troy (240 BC - 125 BC)
Son of Magi of King Troy
King Bedwig of Troy (210 BC - 160 BC)
Son of Danus I Seskof of Troy
Hwala Troy (180 BC - )
Son of King Bedwig of Troy
King Hathra of Troy (133 BC - 180 BC)
Son of Hwala
Itermon King of Troy (90 BC- )
Son of King Hathra of Troy
King Heremod of Troy (60 BC - )
Son of Itermon King of Troy
King Sceldwa of Troy ( - 50)
Son of King Heremod of Troy
Beawa Bedwa of Troy ( - 70)
Son of King Sceldwa of Troy
Taetwa Tecti King of Troy (45 - 100)
Son of Beawa Bedwa of Troy
Geata Jat “the Trojan” of Asgard King of Troy (60 - 155)
Son of Taetwa Tecti
Godwulf The Trojan (Godolf, Godulf-r) Asgard ap GEATA, King of the Troy (80 - 163)
Son of Geata Jat “the Trojan” of Asgard
Flocwald Asgard (100-179) (100 - 179)
Son of Godwulf The Trojan (Godolf, Godulf-r)
Finn the trojan of godwulf of finn asia asgard (130 - 220)
Son of Flocwald
Freothalaf Frealaf Friallaf Trojans Asgard (160 - 245)
Son of Finn the trojan of godwulf
Frithuwald Bor Or Fredalat The Asgard King of Saxony, Turkey and Sweden (190 - 281)
Son of Freothalaf Frealaf Friallaf Trojans
Woden Odin Sigge SCYTHIANS ASGARD (215 - 260)
Son of Frithuwald Bor Or Fredalat The
Casere Casser of the Angles of Åsgard ODINSSON (245 - 330)
Son of Woden Odin Sigge
Son of Casere Casser of the Angles of Åsgard
Trigils Tymaning of The Angles of Saxe East Anglia (310 - 353)
Hroðmund (Hrothmund) Trigling of East Anglia (431 - 481)
Son of Trigils Tymaning of The Angles
Hryp Rippa Hrothmunding Saxe of the East Anglia Angles (454 - 489)
Son of Hroðmund (Hrothmund) Trigling
Wilhelm William Guillem Guercha Hrypsson of East Anglia (473 - 498)
Son of Hryp Rippa Hrothmunding Saxe
Wehha King of East Anglia (497 - 571)
Son of Wilhelm William Guillem Guercha Hrypsson of
Wuffa Uffa Vvehhing of the Deiri Uuffing King of East Anglia (502 - 578)
Son of Wehha King of
Tytila of EAST ANGLIA (520 - 593)
Son of Wuffa Uffa Vvehhing of the Deiri Uuffing King of
Eni Uuffing East Anglia (552 - 617)
Son of Tytila of
Anna Wuffinga King of East Anglia (580 - 654)
Son of Eni Uuffing
Sexburga Seaxburh Saxburga Uffing/Wuffinga of Ely of EAST ANGLIA (625 - 700)
Daughter of Anna Wuffinga King of
Egbert I King Of Kent (652 - 673)
Son of Sexburga Seaxburh Saxburga Uffing/Wuffinga of Ely of
Wihtred Kent (670 - 725)
Son of Egbert I King Of
King Aethelbert Oiscing of Kent (560 - 616)
Son of Wihtred
Oiscing England
Daughter of King Aethelbert Oiscing of
Heluna Prncess Ellusdotter (784 - 799)
Daughter of Oiscing
Knud Sigurdsson (814 - 850)
Son of Heluna Prncess
Geva Knudsson (840 - 940)
Son of Knud
Harald Gormsson (910 - 987)
Son of Geva
Herbastus De Crepon (945 - 1002)
Son of Harald
Avelina Duvelina De Crepon (965 - 1015)
Daughter of Herbastus De
Osborne II DeBolbec Giffard (1004 - 1096)
Son of Avelina Duvelina De
Elias Helias Giffard (1022 - 1130)
Son of Osborne II DeBolbec
Elias Giffard (1095 - 1166)
Son of Elias Helias
Elias Helias Giffard (1145 - 1190)
Son of Elias
Osbert Giffard (1188 - 1237)
Son of Elias Helias
John GIFFARD (1235 - 1299)
Son of Osbert
John Giffard (1270 - 1328)
Son of John
John Giffard (1301 - 1368)
Son of John
Thomas Sir Knight Giffard (1345 - 1394)
Son of John
Roger Giffard (1367 - 1409)
Son of Thomas Sir Knight
Sir Thomas GIFFARD (1408 - 1469)
Son of Roger
John Gifford (1431 - 1506)
Son of Sir Thomas
Roger Gifford (1463 - 1542)
Son of John
Nicholas Gifford (1508 - 1546)
Son of Roger
Margaret Gifford (1532 - 1595)
Daughter of Nicholas
John Sargent (1566 - 1614)
Son of Margaret
Andrew Sargent (1600 - 1688)
Son of John
William Sargent (1624 - 1716)
Son of Andrew
William Sargent (1658 - 1746)
Son of William
William B Sargent (1704 - 1768)
Son of William
Stephen Bryant Sargent (1740 - 1815)
Son of William B
Sarah Sargeant (1762 - 1847)
Daughter of Stephen Bryant
Sarah Skeene (1796 - 1878)
Daughter of Sarah
Sarah Evans (1832 - 1886)
Daughter of Sarah
William J Adams (1851 - 1887)
Son of Sarah
George Washington Adams (1874 - 1961)
Son of William J
William R Adams Sr (1904 - 1976)
Son of George Washington
William Roger Adams (1937 - 2001)
Son of William R
Tedd Adams
You are the son of William Roger 
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